GASGAS MC 85 17/14


Just like it’s bigger-wheeled 85cc brother, the GASGAS MC 85 17/14 is the same awesome bike just with smaller wheels, making it the perfect choice for growing kids stepping up from our MC 65! In standard trim it’s an exciting, full-on race bike boasting impressive performance and reliability, ideal for budding young racers to develop their skills and attack the track. Small and mighty, the MC 85 17/14 delivers a serious amount of fun.

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The MC 85 17/14 is lightning quick, which is why it’s equipped with a full gripper seat cover (in red, of course!) to keep the rider planted firmly in position while getting hard on the gas! Complete with vibrant red plastics that are designed to ensure contact points in all the right places, total bike control is assured for a confidence-boosting ride lap after lap.

As they charge harder, youngsters need to build their confidence, which is where the MC 85 frame comes into its own. With geometry that incorporates tailored flex, the frame moves in harmony with the suspension to effortlessly soak up bumps and ensure high-speed stability. Further assisting riders, the ‘no dirt’ footpegs prevent mud building up when riding through deep ruts, ensuring foot pegs return to their original position each and every time.

Make no mistake about it, the 85cc class is super competitive, which is why we’ve built a motor that delivers unrivalled performance using the latest 2-stroke technology. Featuring an innovative power valve to ensure a smooth spread of power across the full rev range, it’s a system that can be tailored simply and effectively.

Holeshots require late braking, deep into the first turn. Ensuring riders can be late on the brakes and still take the line they need, the MC 85 features 240mm front and 220mm rear wave disks and floating brake calipers from Formula. Together they deliver powerful braking, consistent pad wear and give riders complete confidence.


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