Wrapping a lightweight chassis around a powerful motor results in one thing and one thing only – endless fun! For premix fans worldwide, the high-revving MC 250 2-stroke ticks all the boxes when it comes to delivering simple and enjoyable motocross performance. Fuel it up, fire it into life, then hold on tight!

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It gets wild sometimes with the punchy power of our MC 250! That’s why it comes with a high-grip seat cover to keep you in control while aligning perfectly with the vibrant red bodywork for totally unrestricted movement on the bike.

The technology in our frames ensures riders enjoy playful handling and an energetic feeling on any motocross tracks. Underneath the red powder coating there’s a lightweight chromium molybdenum steel, hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded chassis that’s built to perform. Designed to be rigid where it needs to be rigid and to flex where flex is needed, it provides exceptional rider feedback, energy absorption and straight-line stability.

The MC 250 is powered by a compact 2-stroke motor with a counter-balancer shaft for smooth, high-revving power. Delivering lots of torque, our power unit makes the bike super easy to use but also highly competitive – thanks to innovations like a twin-valve controlled power valve. Designed to centralize all internal moving parts, the motor also plays a huge role in the bike’s agile handling.

Fast is fun but slowing down is essential, which is why all GASGAS motocross bikes are fitted with Brembo calipers and controls. With 260mm front and 220mm rear discs, braking is easy, inspiring riders to push harder and ride faster.


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