With 120 HP and 87 ft-lbs of torque, at lower revs around town, the 1203cc 60-degree V-twin can be completely civilized. But grab a handful of throttle and it quickly and effortlessly races to its 9000 RPM redline.

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Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, announces a

collaboration with Roland Sands Design (RSD)® on an all-new, limited-
edition FTR, inspired by the hooligan spirit that RSD® and Indian

Motorcycle have championed through the Super Hooligan® racing series for
nearly a decade. Expertly designed by Indian Motorcycle and Roland Sands,
the all-new limited-edition FTR celebrates the RSD® hooligan lifestyle – a
“run-what-ya-brung,” bar-banging spirit of unbridled, fearless freedom.

From the track to the street, the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan® inspires riders
to unleash their inner hooligan. The all-new limited-edition FTR features
Black Metallic bodywork with authentic Super Hooligan® race graphics, a
classic Indian Motorcycle Red frame with matching wheels featuring gold
accents, and Indian Motorcycle Racing’s No. 1 championship logo on the
front and side number plates. For an extra layer of authenticity, the FTR x
RSD Super Hooligan® features race team sponsors’ logos on its rear seat
cowl. Additional graphics for the radiator shroud, front fender, and front
forks will be supplied to owners for optional application.

“The term ‘hooligan’ has taken on an entirely new meaning in the world of
motorcycles, characterised by a rebellious, fearless attitude that places
having fun on a motorcycle above all else, and that’s what this new FTR is
all about,” said Aaron Jax, vice president, Indian Motorcycle. “Roland Sands
has blazed this trail and built the RSD brand around the hooligan lifestyle.
From spinning laps on dirt ovals on mid-size cruisers to today’s competitive
racing within the MotoAmerica series, the ethos of hooligan riding has not

“Super Hooligan has always been about more than just racing. It’s about
pushing boundaries and having a blast riding motorcycles with your friends,”
said Roland Sands, Founder of RSD®. “Far from the full fairing machines you
normally see on the racetrack, a Super Hooligan bike has an effortless attitude
and a custom aesthetic with an exposed powertrain. When Indian Motorcycle
approached us to co-design an Indian FTR for consumers, it was a natural fit
and something we were very excited to be a part of.”
Built upon the FTR R Carbon model, the FTR x RSD Super Hooligan® offers
performance-branded parts and premium ride-enhancing technology. Fully
adjustable Öhlins® inverted front forks and rear piggyback shock deliver
exceptional ride and handling, while dual-disc Brembo® brakes provide
ultimate stopping power. The bike’s four-inch round touchscreen display
powered by RIDE COMMAND offers vital bike and ride information, selectable
ride modes for a customisable ride experience, along with Bluetooth® and
USB connectivity. In addition, an Akrapovicˇ muffler and heat shield add style
and improve sound, while Gilles Tooling parts, including adjustable rear-sets,
oil cap, radiator cap, and bar-end weights, add to the bike’s premium finish,
delivering authentic RSD® Hooligan race style for the rider.
With only 300 available globally, each FTR x RSD Super Hooligan® bike is
individually numbered with a commemorative tank console.


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