MY23 Husqvarana FC 350 Heritage

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Built upon the proven technical platform of the 2023 range, the Heritage models are modern, competition-focused machines with a vintage-style livery. The distinctive new look was inspired by the brand’s racing design from 1983, and enhanced further with black anodised EXCEL rims to create an understated and exclusive new appearance. Characterised by the unique look and matching blue seat cover, the Heritage models pay homage to the strong Swedish roots of Husqvarna Motorcycles.

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With the agility of a 250 and a 450-rivalling power-to-weight ratio, the FC 350 strikes a competitive balance between power and handling. This appeals to both professional and amateur riders alike, making for a more user-friendly riding experience in all conditions. It is this versatility, paired with intelligent traction and launch control, which makes the FC 350 one of the most multi-talented motocross bikes on the market.


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