Suzuki Avenis 125


Your City. Your Style.

One glance at the AVENIS 125 reveals this as a scooter engineered to perform and designed to flaunt its sporty, sophisticated presence.

Sitting on it immediately informs the rider that it is built to be comfortable, well-appointed and fun to ride. Turning the engine over with one quick push of the start button and pulling away from the curb is all it takes to convince the rider of the exciting acceleration, nimble handling, and ability to effortlessly maneuver through traffic. And, soon after, it becomes obvious that the ride is quiet, the suspension smooth and the fuel economy impressive. It’s an excellent choice to fit most any scooter need, be it commuting to school or office, shopping, running errands, or just getting out to enjoy an exhilarating run around town.

Dramatic and energetic urban styling is evident in every detail, with edgy, dynamically contoured body lines, attractive contrasting color accents, and black metallic-finish badging. With its sportbike-like styling, the AVENIS 125 enhances pride of ownership and emphasizes the fact that it is much more than just an everyday scooter.


The AVENIS 125 chassis is engineered to  create a nimble and agile package that is highly maneuverable, easy to handle and comfortable to ride. Everything, from the design of the frame and selection of wheels and tyres to optimizing suspension performance and including the Combined Brake System, is geared toward achieving this goal. Straight-line and cornering stability are excellent, tall ground clearance enables the rider to lean easier into turns, and the AVENIS 125 proves its ability to excel in most any urban riding situation.

The underbone frame is built using large-diameter thin round pipe. Designed to minimize weight while maximizing rigidity, this frame contributes to the AVENIS 125’s outstanding fuel efficiency, excellent straight-line stability and positive cornering performance.

The front suspension is balanced with a  medium spring rate. This optimises the working range of the telescopic front forks and results in a smooth ride that distributes weight evenly on the front wheel for maximum confidence and grip in all conditions. Both the forks and rear suspension are finely tuned and carefully matched to the tyres and wheels to achieve a fine balance of stability, solid road-holding performance, nimble handling, and comfort.

The AVENIS 125 excels as an environmentally responsible scooter. Developed to comply with the stringent Euro 5 emissions standards, the AVENIS 125 achieves outstanding fuel efficiency of 1.9L/100km (52.6km/L)* in WMTC mode testing and CO2 emissions of a mere 44g/km* in WMTC mode testing.

Though being introduced into the Australian market for the first time, this engine is based on a powerplant with a proven track record for both performance and reliability, already powering well over five million Suzuki scooters in Asian and Latin American markets since 2007

*Actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions may differ owing to conditions such as the weather, road, rider behavior and maintenance.


The concept serves as a metaphor that conjures up images of sharp, aerodynamically efficient lines and the advanced engineering that goes into creating highly maneuverable craft capable of great speed. The AVENIS 125 was designed from the ground up to evoke this visual sense of speed, dynamism, and controllable agility.

Features such as the use of compact, durable LEDs for the headlight, position lights and taillight enhance reliability, while the multifunction digital instrument panel provides all the information the rider needs and contributes to the cutting-edge styling of the AVENIS 125.

 On the utility side, the AVENIS 125 features adequate storage space under the seat, a pair of handy front compartments, a standard-equipment USB outlet for charging smartphones, the Suzuki Easy Start System, and a hinged tail-mounted fuel cap that provides easy refueling. Comfort is also a priority. The AVENIS 125’s double-stitched two-tone seat is designed for comfort, but also features a richly textured material that provides a secure grip and allows quick movement when enjoying a sporty ride. The roomy floorboard enables the rider to maintain a comfortable riding position in changing conditions, while its unique cut-away design makes it easier to plant both feet firmly on the ground when stopped.

At heart, it is a practical, fuel-efficient town scooter that is ideal for commuting, shopping, and maneuvering through city traffic. But its styling draws on Suzuki’s sportbike heritage, with futuristic body lines and front and side cowling accents that accentuate its performance credentials. From its striking front end to its sleek, upswept tail, the AVENIS 125 is designed to appeal to people who want to experience the joy and exhilaration of two-wheeled urban freedom served up with a sporty sense of style and sophistication.