Introducing CFMOTO’s Electric Fun Bike Range

Get ready to welcome the future of electrifying riding experiences with CFMOTO’s all-new ‘CX’ series of electric fun bikes with the introduction of the CX-2E and CX-5E. These innovative models are designed to ignite the passion for riding in the next generation while maintaining CFMOTO’s commitment to safety, performance, and environmental responsibility.

With the power of a 50cc fun bike but without the complications of a clutch, fuelling, or gear-changing, the electric motor delivers a super smooth, controllable powerband, and adult supervisors can modify its power level output with ‘beginner mode’ to ‘full power’ mode so young riders can learn at their own pace. The simple operation, child-friendly seat height and ergonomics help young, supervised riders gain confidence to develop their riding skills properly.

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The Perfect Start for Young Riders
The CX-2E stands as CFMOTO’s introductory model, tailored for young riders aged 4 to 7 years. Designed with safety and enjoyment in mind, this beginner-friendly electric fun bike is the ultimate choice for children supervised by a parent. With a powerful maximum 1200w output, spoked 10-inch wheels, a low 550mm seat height, and a ready-to-ride weight of just 49kg, complemented by hydraulic disc brakes all around and a magnetic safety lanyard, the CX-2E ensures countless moments of joy, making it an ideal addition to family recreational activities.

Redefining Riding Experience with Innovative Features

Both the CX-2E and CX-5E are equipped with cutting-edge technology and design elements that set them apart from the competition:

  • • A robust cradle steel tube frame featuring a distinctive light blue finish.
  • • Alloy rims, full disc brakes, and knobby tyres ensuring unwavering stopping power, traction and durability.
  • • Long-travel suspension expertly tuned for off-road riding, promising a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • • Child-friendly ergonomics, encompassing seat height and handlebars for a comfortable and confidence-inspiring riding position.
  • • Whisper-quiet operation with zero noise and exhaust emissions ensures an eco-friendly and enjoyable ride.

Gear Up for a Game-Changing Experience

Experience a new era of minibike riding with CX’s innovative gear selection system, effortlessly activated by a button press. Accommodate varying skill levels by selecting from three acceleration power settings and limiting maximum speed. Battery consumption, charge indicators, and selected ‘gear’ are all seamlessly integrated into one intuitive interface.

The e-throttle is specially designed for children over 6, featuring a size proportional to a child’s grasp, making riding easy to operate. The default “beginner mode” enhances safety, while the power can be promptly shut off in emergencies by disengaging the magnetic safety lanyard.

Choose from three different acceleration power settings and cap the maximum speed to match your child’s skill level. Parents can also monitor battery life, remaining charge, and currently equipped “gear” all in one convenient LCD display.

CX-2E Speed Modes:

  • • Mode 1: 16km/h
  • • Mode 2: 26km/h
  • • Mode 3: 36km/h


Extend Your Adventure

Elevate your riding experience with the CX’s remarkable 60km riding range – offering plenty of seat time for all-day adventures. The 48V, 24Ah lithium-Ion battery charges from 0% to 100% in just 5 hours, and it’s also easily removable and swapable for convenient charging anywhere, anytime. All powered by an intelligent battery management system that keeps your ride safe and enjoyable.



Voltage: 48V
Rated Output: 0.65kW
Max Power / Torque: 1.2kW / 6.4Nm
Drive: Chain
Battery: 48V24Ah Lithium-ion, swappable
Battery Capacity: 1152Wh
Drive Modes: Mode 1 (15km/h max speed)
.: Mode 2 (26km/h max speed)
.: Mode 3 (36km/h max speed)
Top Speed: 36 km/h
Run Time (At Max Speed): 60 minutes
Max Range: 60km

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