Monster 659


Monster 659 (learner legal)

The “less-is-more” philosophy that has made the Monster a motorcycling icon is now accessible to Learner Riders with the new Monster 659, produced exclusively for the Australian market and the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMs)

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With the Monster 659 Learner Legal the Ducati Design Centre has created a sporty and compact bike, with a dynamic, fresh design which encompasses all the Monster values. The tank is Monster in its purest form. Elegant and muscular at the same time, it has a fastening hanger at the front just like the Monster of 1993. The headlight, once again round, is the modern interpretation of what was used on the iconic naked fin right from the start. The latest version of the 659 has a very attractive low standard seat height of 785mm; ideal for all learner, female and smaller riders.

Gearbox and clutch

The gearbox is 6-speed while the APTC wet multiplate clutch with cable control ensures a much lighter lever actuation and provides additional advantages of excellent modulability: incredibly useful when managing continuous starting and stopping in city traffic. Furthermore, the clutch is equipped with power torque limiting rear wheel hopping during downshifting.

Exhaust system

The twin-cylinder engine of the Monster 659 has a single 50 mm diameter throttle body with two injectors downstream of the throttle, ensuring fluid distribution and precise control of the mixture strength taken in by each cylinder. The 2 in 1 exhaust has been designed to ensure optimal fluid-dynamics and excellent thermal protection for both the rider and the passenger.


The Monster 659 is fitted with the air cooled 659 cc (40 cu in) Desmodue twin-cylinder engine. This engine is a nod to the origins of the Monster ables to deliver 50 hp (37 kW) at 9,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 32.4 lb-ft (44 Nm) at 5500 rpm . Characterised by an 88 mm bore and a 54,2 mm stroke, it has been designed to offer pure riding enjoyment, like a real Ducati, without ever seeming demanding.