Honda NSC110 Dio


  • Traditional step-through design with natural riding position
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Combined braking system (CBS)
  • 18L underseat storage space
  • Low maintenance


With a sleek, attractive body design and comfortable seating for two, Honda’s Dio is the ideal scooter for your daily commute to work, trips to the shops or days out to the beach. Light as a feather, it has seamless acceleration that goes at the ease of a twist. Powered by a fuel efficient and reliable 108cc four-stroke engine, with PGM-FI. The Programmed Fuel-Injection engine delivers precise amounts of fuel to the engine and makes less of an impact on the environment and your pocket. Idle stop also reduces the Dios fuel consumption and noise while waiting at a stop, such as an intersection. Its larger than usual wide-diameter wheels give it confident handling and with Hondas unique Combined Braking System (CBS) offer optimum stopping ability. The generous storage compartment under the seat, electric start and large 4.9 litre fuel tank add to the DIOs versatility. Night riding is no hesitation with its two-tiered headlight system.

Economical Commuter

Proven 109cc engine with PGM-FI and Idle Stop


Spacious 18L under seat storage


Honda’s unique Combined Braking System


Learner approved and easy to handle