Honda CRF250RX


  • Selectable engine modes
  • Showa spring fork
  • 8L fuel tank
  • Lightweight chassis
  • High volume airbox
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The Honda CRF250RX gets all the power, performance and handling from the latest CRF250R, but combined with chassis and suspension specially tuned for cross country riding. Features including handguards, side stand, 8L fuel tank and an 18” rear wheel with enduro-spec tyres complete the package. Nimble and light, the CRF250RX is a joy to ride in the most challenging terrain, and ready to go anywhere you take it.

Top performance

Plenty of midrange power and torque, DOHC engine layout, fuel injection, high volume airbox.

First class engineering

HRC launch control, selectable engine modes, titanium valves, lithium ion battery.

Cross country ready

18” rear wheel, enduro tyres, side stand, 8L fuel tank, hand guards.

Superior handling

Showa® spring fork, twin spar aluminium frame, short swingarm.