300 SEF Factory - SunstateMC
300 SEF Factory - SunstateMC
300 SEF Factory - SunstateMC

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300 SEF Factory

Since claiming the 2018 Enduro World Championship, the 300 SEF has evolved into a more comprehensive, more refined winning machine. Snappier power with a bit more punch yet still silky smooth where it counts. The ultimate all-rounder.

Price is plus all on road costs!!

NEW FOR 2019 

- Revised frame with more flex and 400gram weight reduction
- New triple clamps with 90gram weight reduction
- Reinforced rear wheel hub
- New MY19 graphics
- Reinforced rear fender
- New regulatorNew intake and exhaust cam profile for improved low-end torque and high-end power
- New intake and exhaust valves for more torque at high RPM
- New injection mapping
- New clutch basket for less inertia and 90gram weight reduction
- 48mm KYB closed cartridge fork
- KYB rear shock absorber
- Full Akrapovic exhaust system- Galfer Racing brake discs front and rear
- Dual-material blue/black rear sprocket
- Blue Excel Rims
- Lightweight AXP skid plate
- Neken handlebar pad
- New gripper saddle material
- Dual colour Domino grips
- Radiator fan kit
- New lithium battery – 1300 grams lighter